The Most Popular Flower Shows

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The Most Popular Flower Shows

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Flower shows are very popular around the world. There are many different flowers that are presented to the people for many purposes. Using different methods people create many hybrid flowers which are they presented at the show. These are very carefully grown flowers which have received special care. It can be very expensive to take care of these flowers and people should spend a lot of time taking care of it. Flower shows are used to present these flowers and then sell it to the public. Here are the most popular flower shows in the world.

The Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea flower show is held annually in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in Chelsea London. It has been held since 1912 and is the most popular flower show in the world. It attracts many visitors all over the world and is one of the most popular attractions in London. People especially travel to London to witness the show. The main highlight of the show is the garden designs where every year the best garden is selected along with various other awards. These gardens are well grown using mulch Springvale and nutritious soil. The show received lot of publicity over the years and is also visited by the queen Elizabeth II.

The Portland Rose Festival

The Portland Rose festival was inaugurated in 1907 and has continued every year since in the month of June. Its main purpose is to promote the Portland region and its surroundings. Along with the festival there are many parades that go on. During this time, Oregon, Portland is packed with visitors who are there to enjoy the show and the festivities. The only flower that is allowed here is roses and anyone can enter the competition. You can easily witness more than 4000 rose blooms at the festival. Other flowers are encouraged elsewhere and The Portland Rose Festival is the second largest flower show in the US. The flowers are well grown using perfect top soil in Melbourne and such therefore it is very attractive.

Singapore Garden Festival

The Singapore Garden Festival is a much more recent show but it has won many awards for being one of the best attractions. The show was inaugurated in 2006 and continues to this day. It showcases the top award winning gardens in these shows. The show has more than 250,000 plants, gardens and landscapes. Further it draws more than 300,000 visitors annually. The gardens are very creative especially the orchid shows, fantasy garden and floral masterpieces. These gardens are carefully grown with future expansion planned.

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