The End Of The Human Race Or Is It A New Beginning

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The End Of The Human Race Or Is It A New Beginning

On April 11, 2016, Posted by , In Improvements & Maintenance, With Comments Off on The End Of The Human Race Or Is It A New Beginning

With the death and extinction of thousands of plants and animal life which is only found on earth and the resurrection of artificial everything including humans that are machine driven, the world is fast coming to a point of no return. The many new and unheard of deceases cropping up all over the planet is an indication of what the world is going to be in the next 100 years. With the innovation of fake grass or synthetic turf the world is heading towards its last breath with no hope for human on animal. When life on earth forgets the feel of the natural environment it is time to look back and note the destruction that has been caused by humans to come to the point of not being able to have the real thing around us.

Some might argue that the synthetic grass installers Sydney will be more advantages to the dwindling get natural environment, as it needs no water which is fast becoming a luxury, and it also saves time as it does not need pruning and needs almost zero maintenance. For lovers of the natural environment this fact will not hold water, as there is, and never will be a substitute for the natural environment.

Alternative therapies that will suffer with artificial nature
Aromatherapy which practices with pure plant resources and perfumed plant oils helps to elevate a person’s mood and many more other illnesses that have driven us humans to find alternative medication. The content can be accessible as a balancing therapy or, more debatably, as a formula for substitute medication. Opposite therapy can be presented along with customary usage of western medicines. There is no respectable medical indication that this form of therapy can either avert or cure any illness, However the overall concept of this type of  cures seems to be more trusted than the main  stream  cures that are western, which most will take. This form of ancient therapy will die off a natural death due to the lack of recourses available.

There is something that is beautiful in clean cut grass, whether or not a person wants to lie in the shade or to admire the clean beauty of the natural environment, artificial nature will not be a good substitute to have. It is also worth mentioning the lack of birds, bees and butterflies that will not be present in places of artificial foliage. The unfortunate drawback to natural lawns is the amount of water it takes to be well maintained. However if the forests are protected and the natural cycle of rains come in the necessary cycle, the need for artificial lawn Parramatta will be minimized, know more about it.

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