Steps To Keep Your Car Cleaned.

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Steps To Keep Your Car Cleaned.

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If you are planning to wash your car make sure you wash your car in a shady place just to avoid spots left from evaporation of water and gather all the cleaning supplies near you to make it easier for you. Rinse off the car and ensure that all the dirt and dust have been removed. Use a soap which is specially designed for car washing. Wipe the car using a wash cloth or sponge with soap water in section wise, it will be easy if you start cleaning from the top. Then rinse again the car with water, use a hose. Move on to the tires, clean them with a cloth with soapy water then rinse themall to remove the soap. Finally use a dry cloth to wipe your car. Use tire shine to make the tires look shiny but avoid spraying too much. Also don’t forget to clean the windows, use a non-ammonia glass cleaner with the help of a cloth to wipe off the windows. You can also look for trusted cleaning services for easier way to clean.

Clean the inside of the car.

Wipe the steering wheel, dashboard with adamp cloth. If you find any stains on the dashboard use some shampoo on a small rush and brush off the stains in a circular motion. Do some carpet cleaning in Mackay, vacuum under and on the seats and the carpets to remove dust particles. You can then polish the car seats. But make sure you don’t use damp clothes to wipe out any dirt on the car seats. Clean the ceiling of the car using a microfiber cloth, you can use some upholstery cleaner or shampoo to clean the ceiling then gently rub the ceiling again with the microfiber cloth to remove any stains left. 

Remove any odors in the car.

Sometimes you might have got odors from your car which must be a very unpleasant experience for you and your family. Check whether you have left trash under the seats, if you find any remove them immediately and don’t forget to clean the trunk of the car. Remove all the items in the glove box and clean it then you can place the items again. Before vacuuming the carpet make sure you brush it. Also vacuum the trunk. Simply clean all the places where you might think the odor is coming from. To improve the environment in the car use an air freshener especially when you are travelling with your family on long trips so it gives an enjoyable feeling, it is also affordable. As there are many types of fragrances, you can choose your favourite fragrance and enjoy the luxury of your car.

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