How To Plan For An Emergency Breakdown

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How To Plan For An Emergency Breakdown

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You have just being told by your boss that your name has being given to attend an important seminar that is taking place tomorrow. You are surprised and horrified at the short notice given to you by your boss regarding the seminar. Your boss sees the surprised look on your face and tells you that he was also given short notice and that you are the most suitable person to attend the seminar. You ask your boss if you can leave office early because you have to prepare yourself prior to attending to the seminar. Your boss agrees so you leave work a little earlier and rush home.

You get home and rush out again to buy yourself a suitable outfit for tomorrow’s seminar. You come back home and start going through the documents that you will need to get familiar with prior to your presentation tomorrow. You finally heave a sigh of relief because everything is finally done. Your documentation is ready. Your slides for the slideshow are ready, your clothes are pressed and ready to be worn and your shoes and accessories are looking as good as new. So all you need to do now is to get a good night’s sleep and have an early start the following morning.

Contact the professionals
You get up in the morning and start getting ready for your big day. You suddenly hear loud sounds of gushing water. You go to your toilet and realise that the tap in your toilet is broken. You also notice that the wall of your toilet has also cracked. So what do you do now, that is apart from panicking over the immediate problem at hand? You have only a few hours left to get to the seminar on time and you cannot attend to the broken tap in your toilet now. So you pick up the phone and call up a company that attends to bathroom renovations and ask them if they can take care of the problem for you.

Giving a quotation

The company sends one of their experts to your place to check on the damage. The expert tells you that bathroom renovations in Hawthorn have to be done because the walls of your toilet are in a very bad shape and could collapse anytime soon. The expert tells you the company will give you a quotation and then they can start on the job. The expert tells you that you don’t need to be at home when the job is being done.

Access to your house

You cannot believe your luck after the disaster you just experienced. You gladly agree to let the professionals handle the job for you and make arrangements for them to have access to your house.

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