How House Design Influences Décor?

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How House Design Influences Décor?

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You might be planning to decorate your new home or to redecorate your existing home. The way the house is laid out or the overall design will influence the décor of the same which needs to be kept in mind. You need to look into the layout of the rooms as well as arrangement of windows, closets, doors, cupboards and other fixtures which will dictate the way items can be fitted into different spaces.

Handling choppy layouts

If you have funky edges and uneven corners in a room, you need to decide on the décor elements which will either take the attention away or highlight that unique aspect in a room. You might rearrange the furniture to make the angled wall a focal point of the room. Again, you might make it functional by opting for a different wall color for that section or a wall decal. It could be lighted up in different ways to throw more emphasis on it in the overall décor for the room. The floor tiling also influences the way a room looks.

Long and narrow dimensions

Some rooms might have long and narrow dimensions which need to be tackled accordingly with the right décor elements. You might create a separate section here or place futons and sofas create a distinct corner here. It could be a passage area which could be used for seating purposes as well. By creating casual seating space along such a passage one could turn it into an unusual lounge area. With differential floor tiling in Wangara one could convert such an area into an interesting space in your home.

Working around fixtures

If you have fixtures like a window in the middle wall of a room or a fireplace in the middle of a room, you might want to work around it. Place furniture around it or place a rug on the floor in front of the fireplace to draw attention to the space. The window could have a seating space below it which could be a cozy reading corner. One could even have a bookcase by the window to make further use of such a fixture in a room.

Small rooms with few or no windows

Many modern apartments are devoid of a much inlet of natural light sources. In order to make such rooms livable, you might want to add on floor lamps and create distinct lighted corners in different parts of the room. If the room is being used as a bedroom, it could have separate lights by the bed and a floor lamp by the window or where seating arrangements are created. The same goes for small study areas where focused lighting solutions will create a sense of warmth.

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