Handy Tips To Help Maintain Your Appliances Better

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Handy Tips To Help Maintain Your Appliances Better

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Imagine a day without a refrigerator or a dishwasher or a washing machine! There would be dirty dishes stacking up in the sink and clothes piling up waiting to be washed and food getting spoilt without a refrigerator. This makes us realize that appliances are a boon and just the thought of trying to operate without them seems like a tough task.

Since the appliances are so vital for our daily routines to function smoothly, the appliances must be given their due diligence in the way of regular maintenance and care, unless you are willing to perform all the said tasks on your own. Also, since these appliances handle so many of your tasks, when they do break down, do not try to handle the repairs on your own. It is best to have an appliance repairs agency come over and handle the task expertly. These agencies, apart from being experienced to handle all the appliances, can carry out routine maintenance tasks as well so as to extend the life of your appliances. Additionally, appliances can be a safety threat if not cared for regularly by way of cleaning and servicing them, so it is imperative to follow certain handy tips to care for your appliances routinely.

Handy tips for maintenance of your appliances


This is one appliance that we never switch off, it is continuously working and ensuring that we can store our food carefree inside it, right from groceries to milk to meat. To help care for it, defrost the fridge regularly (most refrigerator nowadays have an in-built defrost option). Also clean the interiors and exteriors with a wet cloth (avoid using chemicals). In case there are visible wires, clean them regularly with a long handled brush for efficient functioning of the refrigerator. If there is serious issue, call your nearest westinghouse fridge repairs in Sydney.


While cleaning the dishes, the outlet of the dishwasher often gets clogged with debris and deposits. Thus to prevent hiccups while functioning, the gasket the filter needed to be cleaned regularly. Filters can be removed, cleaned with hot soapy water and refitted. Gaskets however cannot be removed and can be cleaned using a toothbrush dipped in soap water (preferably hot).

Washing machine

Hard water can lead to deposits of limescale in the machine’s inner surface. This build up can hamper the performance of the machine. Thus to decalcify or descale the machine you can run the machine on hot water and add vinegar or baking soda or use store bought decalifier.

Advantages of appliance maintenance Regular cleaning and servicing of the above appliances as well as others such as the oven, coffee maker, toaster etc. has advantages such as –

Smooth functioning of the appliances

Extending their life

Better functioning equates to less energy being consumed, thus making them energy efficient

Minimizing the risk of health hazards.

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