Global Warming and The Preventive Measures

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Global Warming and The Preventive Measures

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Every year the percentage of trees present on this earth has been reducing gradually, and the reason behind this is because of cutting off the forests and trees. As a result, there is a drastic increase of temperatures on the earth which is called global warming. The main reason for this global warming is deforestation and emission of harmful gasses like carbon dioxide from industries on to the atmosphere.

The adverse effects of global warming on humanity include:

• Change in climatic conditions- the temperatures keep on rising gradually, and extreme heat affects the lives of living beings on earth.

• Variations in the levels- the water concentrations in the seas and oceans changes because of the factors like:

 Thermal expansion
 Glacier melting’s on mountains
 Ice melting
 Polar melting

• The balance of water- due to the extreme climatic conditions on earth, there will be the severe water problem in the future.
• Health concerns- the effect of global warming can cause a lot of health problems in the humankind.

It can be the responsibility of everyone to take necessary preventive measures that can control the effect of global warming on the surface of the earth. People have to avoid tree trimming in Ipswich and have to increase the plantation of trees as much as possible. The trees can help in controlling the air pollution to a far extent and also absorbs the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They can also release a huge oxygen level which is necessary for the humankind.

The local governing bodies also have to concentrate on the sources that can help in reducing the effect of global warming. It can be the responsibility of the governments to plant more and more trees on road sides and in the empty spaces available. There are specific organizations that have been working to bring awareness to the people about the worse effects of an extreme rise in the climatic conditions and global warming. Every house should surround by more and more plants and trees avoiding tree trimming. It can work to a small extent thus helps in reducing the temperatures. Get to know how you can keep your trees healthy at all times over here

The environment lovers have been conducting various sessions on the topics like “plant trees and save earth” and also implementing by voluntarily working on it. They are planting some trees around their surroundings and also motivating other people to plant the trees and to increase the greenery.

Some of the preventive measures that can help to reduce the global warming include:

o The governing bodies have to pass the rule against the air pollution that is happening through industrial emissions.

o Reducing the thermal power generating plants as it can emit more levels of co2 into the air.

o Have to avoid non-disposable waste by using environmental free products for regular uses

o Planting as many trees as possible

o Avoiding fuel consumption

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